Our Products

We distribute high quality solar power components from leading manufacturers. We stock many of these components for immediate
shipment. Our products are certified for use in Canada and have the applicable Canadian certifications for general purpose and/or hazardous rated applications.

These are the primary products we sell:

Solar Modules

A solar module is a group of photovoltaic cells connected and packaged into a frame. Solar modules have the ability to convert sunlight directly into electricity. We offer a variety of Canadian certified solar modules that are efficient and reliable. Our solar modules are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are designed to withstand the most severe environmental conditions. They are ideal for on and off grid applications and are put into use in areas where electricity is inaccessible, unreliable, expensive, or creates pollution.

Charge Controllers

As a solar module generates electricity, a controller is used to maintain the appropriate voltage to charge a battery. The use of a charge controller is essential for charging and maintaining a battery.


In a solar power system, we recommend using an advanced AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or Gel type deep cycle battery. These batteries are unique in their ability to repeatedly cycle through charging and discharging while maintaining a long service life. Grouping batteries together adds capacity to continually provide power through extended periods of time.


Solar modules generate DC (Direct Current) electricity. In order for AC (Alternating Current) components to use this power, an inverter converts the DC power into AC power. The AC power can be fed into the grid or used on site.